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Millie Smith, 93, known as "Motorcycle Mamma." She's Miss August


Latest Senior Nudie Calendar Features Women 75 to 94

Atwood Cuties raising money for anniversary of Townsend, Mass.

Jan. 19, 2005 – Ranging in age from 75 to 94, the 17 ladies from the Atwood Senior Housing Center, decided to copy the “Calendar Girls” and do a semi-nude calendar for 2005. "We're just as good looking as them, so why not do it? And we're older, so it makes it more unique," said Lu Porter, 75, who is Ms. January. "We're a lot older than them," she added.

The ladies are going to the limits to help raise money for the 275th anniversary celebration of their hometown, Townsend, Mass., with the publication of the Atwood Cuties 2005 Calendar.

The calendar has gained them a lot of exposure, which they did not have in posing for the calendar shots. They have been in media reports across the nation.

The pictures are of the sprightly seniors nearly naked. The grandmothers and great-grandmothers are baring almost. "Some were a little squeamish, but got over it. They got out there in the woods with nobody around. They were worried about their bra straps, all of a sudden didn't care. We threw off everything -- blouses and all," said Porter.

Porter and her friends came up with the idea after renting "Calendar Girls," a movie about a real life group of older English women who made a nearly nude calendar for charity.


Olive’s modesty is covered by an American flag.


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Story in Townsend Times

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Current News


Porter told Diane C. Beaudoin of the Townsend Times that her daughter in New Jersey, as well as the photographer of the calendar, Photographs by Joanna, have sent some of the news clippings about the calendar to Oprah Winfrey. "If she is interested, I know we will hear from her," Porter said.

So far, the girls have received a call from the publicist of the Tony Danza Show asking for some photographs. "This man called and wanted information on us, so we could be on his show, which is done in New York," Porter said.

Porter said all the adrenaline has caused her as well as some of her friends to get pretty tired. "I know I was exhausted after last week with all of the attention," Porter said. "I stayed in my apartment for a couple of days to rest. It is quite the high from all the attention we've gotten."

Another of the Calendar Girls, Hilda Tulley, was on the University of Massachusetts radio station on Monday morning, Porter said. "She did great, we're getting used to being interviewed," she said.

To see video interviews, click here

"My month was August. I'm on a Harley motorcycle, so now I'm known as Motorcycle Millie," said Millie Smith.

"My month is October. I'm a flying witch. I had on my witch's cape and I was supposed to show my bra straps but they fell down," said Beulah Greenough.

"I was the pilgrim lady. I had the turkey hiding me here," said Miss November Viola Kenney. "We ate it afterward, so it was nice."

"I'm Rita Quinn and I posed with apples," said Miss September Quinn. "That's all I'm going to say."

At the Calendar Girls' last meeting, Porter said it would be nice if someone would keep a scrapbook of this major event in their lives. "It would be something we could just have when this attention part is done."

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