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This shows the top of the full-page (8.5" X 11") pdf sheet listing all the preventive services offered by Medicare. It is free and will help you be sure you get the screening that may save your life. Click here to download


Medicare News

Medicare is Trying to Save Your Life; Needs You to Help by Using Preventive Services

Download this free, handy sheet for keeping track of your free Medicare preventive services

Jan. 22, 2012 - Senior citizens have a better chance at a longer, healthier life this year, thanks to the many new preventive services now offered by Medicare. Many have been added by the health care reform law, called “Obamacare” by its critics, but officially named the Affordable Care Act. is offering a free checklist to help you keep up with all the preventive services you are due.

Click here for checklist pdf.

The strategy is to help older Americans stay healthy and to avoid the extremely high cost of treating disease and other health problems after they reach the catastrophic stage. is now helping you take advantage of these life-saving opportunities by providing a handy checklist to keep up with the services for which you are eligible.

The checklist is a one page sheet available for download or printing. It is almost actually like a page in the Medicare and You 2012 handbook., the online senior news site, is providing it in a format that is easy to use, share with others and to carry with you to meetings with doctors and other healthcare providers.

Senior Journal is also providing information and key links that will guide seniors to more detailed information of the websites provided by Medicare and others.

For example, a key website is This site is published for beneficiaries and users must register to use the interactive features of the site. The key reason for registration is that it provides free personalized information about your account and services provided through Medicare.

When you open your account on you get this page with your preventive services listed on right. is an optional, secure site designed to help you check the status of your eligibility, enrollment, and other Medicare benefits. It also allows you to access your claims information almost immediately after it is processed by Medicare and provides you with preventive health information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Checking up on your preventive services is one of the major benefits of establishing your account at

Once you have established your account, it will provide you information on the services you have received from Medicare. You can use this information to help keep track of the preventive services for which you are available by checking them off on the checklist provided by

To get started setting up your account at this helpful Medicare site, click this link - Getting Started.

Click this link to the Preventive Services page on the Medicare website – Preventive Services Overview.

Medicare also makes available for download a 28-page booklet - Your Guide to Medicare`s Preventive Services –giving an overview of Medicare’s covered preventive services.

So, get started today helping Medicare keep you healthy. Just download the checklist and start filling in the information.

You may also want to send a link to this page to your friends on Medicare and help them live a healthier life, too.

E-mail this page to a friend!


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Here are some more links to key information available on

>> Account Services

Get information about questions you may have about setting up your new account, including changing your username, what to do if you forget your password, and receiving email from Medicare.

>> Customer Service

Find out who to contact if you need any assistance regarding your account, including issues with registration, not receiving your password letter, or you are unable to register with

>> Security & Privacy

Review the online policies regarding web site security and privacy, rules and regulations for using, as well as how Medicare protects your personal information using the latest in security software.

>> Virtual Tour

Share the News. Share the Health provides many online video demonstrations for your assistance on a number of topics relating to the many functions and features of the web site.

Also links to information on the following subjects:


Manage Your Health

·        Preventive Services

o        Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit

o        Flu Shots

o        Preventive Service Checklist


·        Managing Your Health Information Online

Medicare Basics

·        Medicare Benefits

o        Part A

o        Part B

o        Part C

o        Part D

·        Coverage Choices

·        Other Insurances

·        Eligibility & Enrollment

·        Understanding Claims

·        Help with Medical and Drug Costs

Resource Locator

·        Quality Care Finder

o        Hospital Compare

o        Nursing Home Compare

o        Home Health Compare

o        Dialysis Facility Compare

o        Physician Compare

o        Medicare Plan Finder

o        Medigap Policy Search

o        Long-Term Care Planning Tool

o        Formulary Finder

o        Medicare Supplier Directory



·        Your Medicare Coverage

·        Medicare & You Handbook

·        Forms

·        Publications and Podcasts

·        Information in Other Languages

·        What we're doing to comply with the Plain Writing Act of 2010

Help & Support

·        Contact Medicare

·        A-Z Index

·        Frequently Asked Questions

·        Useful Phone Numbers and Websites

·        Glossary

·        Order a New Card

·        Change Your Address

·        Caregiver Resources

·        Downloadable Databases

·        Filing a Complaint or Grievance

·        Ombudsman

·        Fraud & Abuse

· Help




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