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Aging & Longevity

Aid-in-Dying Bill to become law in California

Gov. Jerry Brown says it is what he would want; terminally ill can buy lethal medication

Oct. 5, 2015 - California Gov. Jerry Brown says it all came down to what he would want in the face of his own death, when he signed landmark legislation today to allow terminally ill patients to obtain lethal medication to end their lives.

Health News for Seniors

Seniors must get flu shot now – the deadly season is here

Elderly should consider the 4 times stronger “high dose” vaccine

older woman gets a flu shot - CDCOct. 5, 2015 – You can assume that a lot of senior citizens are going to die from the flu during this 2015-16 flu season that just opened. History tells us up to 90% of those who die from flu this season will be seniors age 65 or older and well over half who are hospitalized with be in this age group, too. Flu is a very serious threat for the elderly and they should consider the extra protection of the “high dose” flu shot.

Baby Boomers May Cause Telemedicine to Explode

Oct. 5, 2015 - Much of telemedicine today is used for patients in rural areas but its use may soon explode with a different group of patients: baby boomers who want to age at home instead of in a nursing facility. It could propel telehealth to a $3.5 billion industry by 2020. More at Kaiser Health News

Alzheimer's & Mental Health News

Mild memory and thinking issues: What helps, what doesn't? Experts weigh the evidence

woman working puzzle to exercise her brainNew guide based on comprehensive review of recent studies may help you navigate mild cognitive impairment – links to the latest research below report

Oct. 1, 2015 - For up to one in five American senior citizens – those age 65 and older - aging brings memory and thinking problems - along with the embarrassment of not being as "sharp" as we once were, and the frantic worry that it will get much worse.

Social Security News

Social Security important to all but few know much about it

AARP, financial planners release survey results on knowledge gap

Social Security careOct. 1, 2015 - Everyone agrees Social Security is very important but two new AARP surveys show that few really have any idea how it works. Financial planners say about 1 percent of their clients understand it and a survey of older Americans who have not reached age 65 found only 9 percent believe they are very knowledgeable.

Political News for Seniors

Most Americans, other than senior citizens, say budget must fund Planned Parenthood

New Pew Research survey finds strong 60% public support for Planned Parenthood; blame Republicans for conflict

Sept. 8, 2015 - For senior citizens it should not be a surprise that Americans age 65 and older are the least likely to support maintaining federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Surprisingly, however, the percentage of seniors in favor is substantially larger than the number who want to eliminate the funding, according to the Pew Research Center.

Medicare & Medicaid News

Obamacare funds battle against hospital-acquired conditions, readmissions

CMS awards $110 million to hospital associations and health systems

medical staff discusses patient's conditionSept. 25, 2015 – There are probably few senior citizens who do not know at least one person who has suffered and, maybe, died from a hospital-acquired infection or other dangerous condition. The CDC estimates two million a year in the U.S. are hit with hospital-acquired infections and 20,000 die. Tomorrow there will be an additional $110 million from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) fighting to end this nightmare.

Medicare & Medicaid News

Medicare news for seniors all good as open enrollment period nears

Medicare Annual Election Period Opens Oct. 15CMS now calling this annual period for changing plans the ‘Annual Election Period’

Sept. 22, 2015 - The Annual Election Period for Medicare health and drug plans – which up until now has been called the “Open Enrollment Period” - begins on October 15 and ends December 7, 2015. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid released good news for senior citizens yesterday, with most of the focus on the success of the Medicare Advantage.

Health News for Seniors

Early antiviral flu drugs reduce hospital stay, disability risk for senior citizens

Antiviral medications also reduces their risk of needing extended care

senior man blowing nose, fighting fluSept. 18, 2015 - Early treatment of flu-hospitalized people 65 and older with flu antiviral medications cuts the duration of their hospital stay and reduces their risk of needing extended care after discharge, a new CDC study finds. The study is the first to look at the benefits of early antiviral treatment on preventing the need for extended care in community-dwelling flu-hospitalized people 65 and older.

Eldercare & Caregiver News for Seniors

senior man grimaces from flu shotSenior citizens falling behind on vaccinations they need

 Shingles is one being skipped the most; are you up-to-date?

Sept. 15, 2015 - Three out of four Americans older than 60 don’t get a shingles vaccine to protect themselves from the virus’ miseries: rashes over the face and body, stinging pain that can last for weeks or months and the threat of blindness.

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Eldercare & Caregiver News for Seniors

older woman receiving shingles vaccinationSenior citizens should be getting these vaccinations

Vaccine recommendations for senior citizens by U.S. government

Sept. 15, 2015 - The U.S. government has an on-going campaign encouraging senior citizens to get a set of vaccinations recommended by the National Vaccine Program office. Following are the vaccines you need and how to learn more about them.

Alzheimer's & Mental Health News

woman comforted by husband at dementia screeningSenior citizens tend to forget their memory problem before dementia strikes

Participants average of 76 years old, showed no signs of memory or cognitive impairments as study began

Sept. 10, 2015 – Virtually all senior citizens who develop dementia will at some time forget they have a memory problem. In most cases, says a new study, they begin to lose awareness of their memory problems two to three years before the actual onset of the disease.

Medicare & Medicaid News

Older black woman hears gets good news in mail as daughter watchesMedicare launches first ever plan to achieve health equity

Goal is equity for minorities and other underserved populations

Sept. 9, 2015 - A new Medicare plan aimed at achieving equity for minority and other underserved populations and eliminating health disparities among Medicare beneficiaries was introduced yesterday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of Minority Health (CMS OMH).

Medicare & Medicaid News

Medicare Annual Election Period Opens Oct. 15Medicare Advantage Plans to test more flexibility for seniors with chronic ills

Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design Model targets better cafe at less cost

Sept. 2, 2015 – Medicare will test the hypothesis that giving Medicare Advantage plans flexibility to offer targeted extra supplemental benefits or reduced cost sharing to enrollees who have specified chronic conditions can lead to higher-quality and more cost-efficient care, helping health plans and consumers have the tools they need to improve costs and spend dollars more wisely.

Medicare & Medicaid News

Elderly man cared for in nursing homeNursing home care improvement is goal of CMS project

Funding would allow testing of new payment model for seniors in nursing facility care

Sept. 2, 2015 - A new funding opportunity designed to enhance the Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents has been announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Medicare & Medicaid News

Doctor smiles at elderly female patient in hospitalMedicare ACOs continue to improve quality of care and savings

Medicare beneficiaries served by ACOs continues to increase; report on 2014

Sept. 2, 2015 - Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) continue to improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries, while generating financial savings, says the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The evidence is from the 2014 quality and financial performance results.

Aging & Longevity

Research assistant Jeremy Johnson feeds a rat on the behavioral track. (Johns Hopkins University)Do you know that person or is aging memory just confusing you?

Scientists have identified part of hippocampus that creates, processes this type of memory

Aug. 20, 2015 - You see a person at the store. They look familiar. Is this an old classmate or do they just look alike? Or is your aging brain just confusing you. One tiny spot in the hippocampus of the brain has the answer, scientists have discovered.

Health News for Seniors

Age 75 is the new 65 and accepting this in medicine will save lives

Updated screening policies could detect more abdominal aortic aneurysms; older male smokers at high risk, maybe women

Aug. 20, 2015 – Once again, researchers find older people are dying because of medical policies established years ago, when we did not live so long. The deadly problem this time is the national screening policy for aortic aneurysm.

Medicare & Medicaid News

Medicare drug program premiums expected to stay about the same in 2016

Rates threatened by high cost of specialty drugs; growth in per-enrollee spending continues to be historically low

Aug. 19, 2015 - The monthly premium for a basic Medicare Part D prescription drug plan in 2016 is estimated to be $32.50, when Open Enrollment begins October 15. For the past five years – plan years 2011-2015 – the average monthly premium for a basic plan has been between $30 and $32.

Fitness News

Olga Sotelo, 93-year-old Canadian track-and-field athleteIs cognitive loss in aging brain stopped, reversed by elderly super athletes?

Research has begun with female track star at age of 93 with 750 gold medals (link to video in story)

Aug. 18, 2015 – It is just the beginning, but researchers studying the brain of a 93-year-old female super athlete to learn more about the link between older athletes and cognition have found her quicker on cognitive tasks than others her age, but not performing as well as younger women. Her memory was much superior to her peers.

Health News for Seniors

Social action needed to maintain gains in reducing deaths from heart disease, stroke

American Heart Association cites need to address problems with education, income and racial divide

Aug. 4, 2015 — Deaths from heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases have been declining, but social factors, including race, income, environment and education could reverse that trend according to a first of its kind scientific statement from the American Heart Association.

Aging & Longevity

Einstein's BrainIs longevity linked to intelligence – shorter life may surprise many

First research to seek answer confirms some smart people live longer but it’s mostly genetic

Aug. 3, 2015 – We probably know a lot of people who are going to die a lot early than they think, if new research is accurate. There is a recognized tendency for more intelligent people to live longer, but it may not be because they are smarter.

Alzheimer's & Mental Health News

caregiver kissing Alzheimer's patientCure for Alzheimer’s not top research need for dementia patients

National Alzheimer's  Project Act has it wrong; caregivers, patients want help with improving care

Aug. 3, 2015 – There has been a lot of cheering across the U.S. about the large amounts of money being spent on research seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia patients and their caregivers, however, would like to see more of this money spent improving long-term care.

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